The GIMP Incident

An alternate timeline of events

On the 13th of September, 2016...

She jumped off the roof of Palma Hall. It was one of those rare events in history where everyone everywhere was watching. Her name, her clothes, the encrypted contents of her diaries—everyone had their eyes on the girl who leapt and stayed in the air.

But it never happened here, did it?

My name is Jebediah Serrano

And this is my story. Five months ago, I accidentally killed myself. Yes, I woke up standing in the middle of my bedroom and suddenly everything was on fire but it wasn't my bedroom really and I wasn't burning...uhm, let's just say parang hindi ako tagarito and I'm not making this shit up, okay! They found my teeth in the ashes!

The house that was never mine

If you want to see the rest, you have to earn my trust.

I left behind my own teeth

The exact same set I still have. So I was taken to the police station for questioning. Thank you, Papa God, that no one in my family died, but clear as day lying on the charred remains of my bed was a corpse who apparently is—or was—some incarnation of me.

Am I making sense? Kapanipaniwala ba ako?

Men from the PNP have since followed me everywhere I go. Every day I see the same car parked a couple of yards from my home, leaving at 11 PM on the dot. I know they know. They know I know.

And one day, I know they're gonna ask me about the Girl in Maroon Pants.

Can I trust you?

If you know anything about any of this, please contact me